Biking in Morocco

23 April 2014

After several weeks of endless rain here in Italy, I couldn’t wait to ride my bike in a hot and sunny place. I was ready to start a new adventure under the sun.
Here we were in Morocco, Mauro and I, prepared to share this fabulous experience in a desert land with its boundless horizons and dirt patches.

Our trip started in Ouarzazate, from which we made our way towards Zagora, along the Draa river, taking a dirt road that proceeded through several ancient Berber villages. Along this route we encountered palm groves, various animals and many groups of smiling kids, who playfully chased us, asking for candy.


Cycling in this setting was quite exciting: The warmth of the people… the sun above our heads…..the sound of the wheels turning on the ground.
From Zagora we proceeded to Tazzarine along a “pista” that cut through the mountains towards the North of the country. Again the scenery was the same….endless…open landscapes… we pedalled on a narrow dirt road, which passed through the flat valley and then turned into a steep path towards the mountain.


Our exertion was compensated by the spectacular view of our surroundings. Our bikes proceeded rapidly, leaving behind a light trail in the sand…


My Fargo was flawless and unbreakable: no problems, no punctures, pure steel!
Possibly I was just lucky since the ground was full of sharp pebbles and spines that had fallen from cactuses, but I prefer to think my Fargo is indestructible ;)


From Tazzarine we carried on to Tinerhir, reaching Boulemane Dades. Then we quickly made our way along a large number of straight roads in the Roses Valley, passing by villages surrounded by cherry blossoms. From there the last leg of our round trip took us back to Ouarzazate.


Being able to visit a land that has remained unchanged throughout the last centuries was an incredible experience. In my opinion there is no better way to explore a country than by bike.


Enjoy the ride!





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