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The white roads of L’EROICA

27 August 2014
Eroica - 531

Tuscany is a very special region to me, farm land, great food and good wine.
I have been there several times and every time and always a pleasure to go back.
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Biking in Morocco

23 April 2014

After several weeks of endless rain here in Italy, I couldn’t wait to ride my bike in a hot and sunny place. I was ready to start a new adventure under the sun.
Here we were in Morocco, Mauro and I, prepared to share this fabulous experience in a desert land with its boundless horizons and dirt patches.
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Biking in Iceland

28 December 2013

This summer I spent three unbelievable weeks in Iceland, alone in a land where nature is powerful and takes great effect.
My Fargo and thousands of sheep kept me company and cheered me up.
After reaching Iceland, I left from Keflavik and I made for the northern lands along the famous Kjalvegur F35. Pedaling along this road alongside glaciers was extremely incredible, and it seemed that the road was endless.
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We are Travelling

11 December 2013

Two guys, 18000 Km, 15 countries … an epic trip. Enjoy

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