Top Indoor Sports with Family and Friends

Right now in North America, we’re nearing the end of winter and the end of the American football season.  Sports enthusiasts and a large swath of the population with be tuning in to watch at least some of the Super Bowl.  Like with other top events in the annual calendar, such as the Grammy Awards, the Oscars, and the like, this event has become a large part of the national heritage.  So, you can expect both businesses and private residences to be hosting Super Bowl parties with large screen dedicated to the game and with lots of beverages, food, and snacks for participants.

Many people watching are armchair quarterbacks and folks that like to watch sports but not participate in it.  This could be due to age, physical condition and weight, lack of ability or skill, or just maybe the time of year in the more northern latitudes where outdoor sports are not that friendly due to climate and weather conditions.  That being the case, indoor sports are a great way to participate with family and friends in competition and enjoy one’s time.

There are many indoor sports, everything from racquetball, basketball, hockey, and even swimming.  Some of those are, of course, not strictly indoor sports.  But, they are easily adapted for certain regions to be indoors versus the more usual outdoors environment.  The competition also ranges from private and ad-hoc games one can play with family and friends all the way to formal leagues with detailed rules and schedules in various seasons throughout the year.  As well, there are ranges for age groups so that folks can be equally matched up in experience and skill level.  Here is a great example of various ice hockey leagues that are available.

The most approachable indoor sports, however, are those table games that one can play in a club or just in their own homes.  Table tennis or ping pong is a very popular indoor sports played the world over in various degrees of seriousness.  Table tennis is actually an Olympic sport and the level of play in that setting is a sight to behold.  The other end of the spectrum is ping pong played at homes around the world just for fun and far less serious.  If ping pong is a table version of tennis, then foosball is perhaps a table version of football or what Americans call soccer.  Foosball is also played competitively internationally with serious players and event purses to be claimed.  Just as with table tennis, there are many foosball tables in private homes around the world, where family and friends gather to play for fun.  There is a very good resource for surveying the different foosball tables available at TheScoutingReport, where you can read reviews and see which table fits your needs best.