The white roads of L’EROICA

27 August 2014
Eroica - 531

Tuscany is a very special region to me, farm land, great food and good wine.
I have been there several times and every time and always a pleasure to go back.
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Biking in Morocco

23 April 2014

After several weeks of endless rain here in Italy, I couldn’t wait to ride my bike in a hot and sunny place. I was ready to start a new adventure under the sun.
Here we were in Morocco, Mauro and I, prepared to share this fabulous experience in a desert land with its boundless horizons and dirt patches.
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Limited Edition For Giro d’Italia 2014

23 January 2014

JIRO belt presents the second limited edition dedicated to the GIRO d’Italia.
PINK, symbol of this historic race. The color of the jersey he will wear the winner.
Belts made ​​with official products Of Giro d’Italia by Vittoria.
Edition of 20 numbered pieces.

Mobilize me

6 January 2014

World Bicycle Relief is transforming individuals and their communities through the Power of Bicycles; we envision a world where distance no longer prevents access to healthcare, education and economic opportunity.

JIRO supports this project.


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Biking in Iceland

28 December 2013

This summer I spent three unbelievable weeks in Iceland, alone in a land where nature is powerful and takes great effect.
My Fargo and thousands of sheep kept me company and cheered me up.
After reaching Iceland, I left from Keflavik and I made for the northern lands along the famous Kjalvegur F35. Pedaling along this road alongside glaciers was extremely incredible, and it seemed that the road was endless.
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VENTO a green opportunity

15 December 2013

It’s the feasibility project of the longest cycle path in Italy, 632 km (422 mile) from Turin to Venice, from the Alps to the Adriatic sea along Po river. VENTO is also linked to Milan and the EXPO area (+ 47 km), through Leonard’s canal (Naviglio Pavese). But VENTO is not only a project of a cycle path, it’s also a green economy project, able to create development, economies.

We are Travelling

11 December 2013

Two guys, 18000 Km, 15 countries … an epic trip. Enjoy

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JIRObelt @ the museum shop ON SUNDAYS

12 November 2013

You can find a JIRObelt corner inside the museum shop ON SUNDAYS of the Watari Museum of Contemporary Art in Tokyo – Japan.
For further information please visit the Watari Museum website:
Enjoy yourself!

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Worldwide Cycling Atlas.

3 November 2013

Worldwide Cycling Atlas supports all those initiatives who are passionate about riding and pursuing their beliefs.
Cycling is not just a way of getting around, it is a way of getting together. People all around the world have combined their passion for cycling into finding ways to make the world a better place